Meta comes with a marketplace for brands and influencers on Instagram | NOW

Meta will give users more opportunities to earn money via Facebook and Instagram, reports TechCrunch Tuesday.

Director Mark Zuckerberg has announced, among other things, that Instagram will be a special place where makers and brands can meet. Once a brand has found a creator it wants to collaborate with, the brand can send a project with details, including payment information.

The idea of ​​Meta is similar to TikTok’s Creator Marketplace. That marketplace enables brands to quickly discover well-known influencers for their marketing campaigns. Meta now seems to want to do the same on Instagram, although it is not yet clear exactly what the possibility will look like.

Meta also wants to introduce Facebook groups that are only for paying subscribers. Makers can, for example, offer exclusive content to their fans or followers. It is not yet clear when the new features will be released.