Minister allowed replacement stint on public roads | NOW

The BSO bus, the replacement for the stint, is allowed on the public road. Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management) wrote this to the Lower House on Wednesday.

The minister commissioned the RDW and the Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV) to investigate the new vehicle. The BSO bus was developed by the same manufacturer as the stint, the electric cargo bike with which a fatal accident occurred in 2018 in Oss.

The BSO bus meets all requirements, except that the maximum number of eight passengers is exceeded. At the request of the House of Representatives, the rules on this have already been relaxed. If the vehicle is traveling on cycle paths or in 30 kilometer zones, more people are allowed in.

The reports from the RDW and SWOV follow an earlier investigation into the accident in Oss by the Dutch Safety Board (OVV). This stipulated, among other things, that independent experts had to advise on the admission of new vehicles similar to the stint.

The RDW looked at the safety and quality of the BSO bus. SWOV assessed the risks associated with use in traffic.

Permission may come too late for BSO bus producer Edwin Renzen. He said earlier this week that his company is facing bankruptcy.