Monthly magazine Linda already heard about Ali B’s cross-border behavior in 2020

Monthly magazine Linda already received signals of cross-border behavior from . in the summer of 2020. The Voice of Holland-coach Ali B. The magazine then investigated the facts, but “our research came to a dead end”, creative director Jildou van der Bijl writes in a statement on After consultation with the victims, the editors contacted Tim Hofman.

The magazine spoke to two women who said they were victims of the artist. One of them, a former participant in The Voice, said he was raped. The other woman did not participate in the talent show, but came into contact with Ali B at a writing camp. There he would have groped her repeatedly.

Van der Bijl writes in the statement that the evidence at that time “was not (yet) large enough to publish about this, moreover, there was no report”.

Redirection to BOOS

Van der Bijl tells de Volkskrant that the Linda editors are not equipped for investigative journalism. That is why contact was made with Tim Hofman. “In a personal conversation with the two young women, the testimonials were handed over to him and his editors in March 2021.” Hofman made an appeal in August to people who have participated in talent shows and “experienced, seen or heard things there that are unacceptable”. That call resulted in the much-discussed episode of the online program ANGRY from last week.

“We are extremely happy and proud that these two brave women have now filed a report and that their experiences have found a stage, so that these practices can be stopped,” writes Van der Bijl.

No report at Talpa

According to the creative director, the woman who The Voice with Ali B, her report came anonymously. That is why Talpa, then the parent company of The Voice, not warned. The magazine of TV personality Linda de Mol has been part of Talpa since 2019. Her brother John de Mol is at the head of Talpa and was responsible for The Voice.

Van der Bijl points out that Linda de Mol knew about the woman’s story and that the victim wished to remain anonymous. “Linda has also adhered to this confidentiality.”