Morocco against Egypt at Africa Cup: ‘A kind of Netherlands-Germany…’

“It’s getting more serious, but I don’t have wild ambitions,” he tells the radio program Along the line. “I’m a rapper for now, but you don’t know, haha. I just enjoy playing the football coach in my spare time.”

This Sunday he is especially fond as his two favorite African national teams compete for a place in the last four. His preference? “Egypt. And my family knows that too. So that makes my Moroccan cousins ​​laugh. But I have to say: if Egypt has to lose to someone, then to Morocco.”

Top form is missing

Just like with the Moroccans, Egypt’s team is not yet running at full speed. The record champion started with a defeat to Nigeria, recovered with minimal wins over Guinea-Bissau and Sudan, before beating Ivory Coast on penalties after 120 scoreless minutes.

“The top form is not there,” said Yes-R. “Against the Ivory Coast it was very business-like. Play calmly, keep the overview. But that worked well, because it took the tempo out of Ivory Coast.”

“Egypt is just a good tournament team and that is the difference with Morocco,” he continues. “They have a nice, tropical selection full of technical players, but Egypt is more business-like.”