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Motion sickness, also known as motion sickness. It is common and sometimes makes traveling a real challenge. Always have to sit in the front, vomit pouches at hand. It’s not comfortable. How does motion sickness arise? Another important thing you can do about it?

Motion sickness is part of the so-called motion sickness. Motion sickness has to do with the vestibular system. Problems with this do not only occur when driving, but also when flying or sailing. Nausea and dizziness are the best known features. But headaches, paleness, tired eyes, sweating or trembling can also be characteristics.

How does motion sickness arise?

According to doctors, it is because the brain cannot properly process the various stimuli from the senses. Visibility in particular plays an important role in this. The vestibular system and the muscles must give a signal during movement. When the eyes cannot see which way the movement is going, confusion arises in the brain. This is especially evident in the case of seasickness. The much-mentioned tip is to look at the horizon. The eyes must have a fixed point to see that the body is in motion. Many people suffer from this to a greater or lesser extent. It is only really called a disease if someone gets sick during the same movement. And the body can’t adapt. This makes the disease a limitation in their lives.

Can you outgrow motion sickness?

Yes, some people outgrow motion sickness. This is very different, this is because some people are built much more sensitive than others. Brain adapts throughout life. This allows people to outgrow it over time. And as we age, the brain and balance organs become less sensitive.

What can you do about motion sickness?

Doctors advise different things.

  • Always make sure you see where you are going. Travel forward on the train, don’t read a book in the car or look at the horizon on a boat.
  • Make sure you travel well rested. Fatigue makes it more difficult for the brain to process stimuli.
  • Do not eat too much before leaving. This reduces the chance of nausea.
  • Distraction also always helps to tolerate the symptoms. Reading alone is therefore often not recommended.
  • Travel tablets may also work. These tablets make you a bit drowsy. This allows you to fall asleep faster and you do not suffer from motion sickness.