Motorist dies in head-on collision with truck

Fire brigade, ambulance and police then turned out en masse and received assistance from the crew of a trauma helicopter. They could only establish that the driver of the passenger car had died. The driver of the truck was injured. He was taken to a hospital with unknown injuries, but his life is not in danger.

“It must have been a huge blow. Little is left of the car and the truck also has a lot of damage,” said a police spokesman, who was unable to provide any information about the identity of those involved: “We now know who the victim is, but we have to find out who the victim is. inform family.”

Technical experts from the police have now started an investigation into the cause of the accident. It must then be checked whether the asphalt is damaged. As long as that lasts, the road will remain closed between the N481 to Oud-Alblas and the N482 to Sliedrecht. According to the police, that will be the case at least until the beginning of the evening. The Elzenweg, parallel to the provincial road, is open to traffic.