Moving against your lockdown tummy: 8 simple daily routines

If you have gained a few kilos during the lockdown and want to lose weight, you will also have to exercise in addition to an effective diet and daily routines. That is, after all, the ‘new normal’. Here are eight easy exercises according to a personal trainer. Where we say emphatically: moving alone does not make sense. Healthy eating is also important.

Just to be clear, the exercises below are not part of the ‘moving as the new normal’ manifesto. You can read its somewhat dated content ‘here’.

Lose weight with 8 effective exercises

Personal trainer and certified dietician Tilitha Lutterloh states that you should exercise and move daily. Not only during weight loss, but also to maintain weight. In this way there is a perfect balance between physical exertion and the necessary relaxation. With that knowledge in mind, she shared eight exercises to speed up weight loss and help you maintain your weight. All routines that are simple to perform and easy to maintain.

1. Animal Movements

Notice how animals use their entire bodies to move. By imitating the movements below, you use every muscle group in your body. It is therefore the ideal exercise to start with if you want to lose weight. As crazy as it may sound to your ears, your back, shoulders, arms and glutes will thank you.

2. Pull Ups

During pull-ups you use all the muscles in the body, especially in the back and arms. Because you use the whole body, you burn more fat. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t manage to do a full pull-up at first. Just trying it is enough to boost calorie burn.

3. Running or walking

Running is one of the best exercises if you want to lose weight, if you have healthy hips, knees and a strong back. Lutterloh suggests that it is better to run outside. So forget about the treadmill at the gym for a while, but look for nature. You force yourself to use more muscles, which also makes the exercise a lot more intense. If you really want to do it right, run for at least 20 minutes every day. For an extra challenge, you can try running uphill or over it. This will help you develop stronger legs and stronger abs. Know that walking long distances is also an effective form of exercise. Also good for the mind, especially if you are looking for nature.

4.Turkish Get Ups

This particular exercise not only helps burn fat but also improves your mobility, stability and strength. Turkish Get Ups require a kettlebell, but you can start with normal weights.

5. Swimming

Do you suffer from painful joints or do you want an exercise to burn some more calories, then go for a swim. Swimming is a particularly good resistance workout and fun to do with your friends. Finish with a fast paced de brost crawl. You then leave the pool with a satisfied feeling and a significant amount of calories less.

6. Deadlifts

Having fun with weights is a good way to grow muscle mass, but also to address other muscle groups. By alternating the regular exercises with weight exercises, you can be sure that you now give sufficient attention to the muscles that you would not otherwise tax so quickly. The fact that deadlifts also contribute to weight loss is of course a plus. If you don’t have the time to visit the gym every day, purchase a set of weights yourself. That way you can also train at home during a lost hour.

7. Push Up

A push-up is one of the exercises that you can use to target all muscle groups equally quickly. Whether you use push-ups as part of a good warm-up or as part of your regular program, they should not be missing from your daily routine if you want to lose weight. The advantage of the push-up is that the variation possibilities are endless. Check out these push-up variations for better performance.

8. Climbing stairs

Take the stairs wherever you can, preferably twice. Climbing stairs burns a lot of fat. With each step up you burn 0.17 calories and with each step down and slightly less with a step down. Count out your winnings if you make this an exercise and daily routine. Every bit helps. Read more about losing weight and climbing stairs here.

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Moving against your lockdown tummy: 8 simple daily routines