National Fruit and Vegetable Day: Do you eat enough fruit and vegetables?

Do you get your daily portion of fruit and vegetables? The National Fruit and Vegetable Action Plan (NAGF) wonders. That is why today they call on everyone to think extra about this during the National Fruit and Vegetable Day.

Recent research has shown that a large part of the Dutch consume far too little fruit and vegetables. And at lunchtime on weekdays, only 20 percent eat vegetables or fruit. The other 80 percent prefer a Dutch sandwich with cheese. And that is not the intention according to the NAGF. That is why the vegetable and fruit-rich lunch is central this time.

Sandwich behind the desk

The NAGF points to the fact that the Dutch spend little time and attention on their lunch meal. “That while the lunch time is the perfect opportunity to consume part of the daily recommended amount of fruit and vegetables,” says Karin Bemelmans, coordinator of the NAGF. According to her, the ‘quick sandwich behind the desk’ is a culprit for the quality of lunch.

But there are also positive developments in the field of our vitamin sources. The research shows that a third of the Dutch want to eat healthier and intend to eat more fruit and vegetables during lunch. Figures from GroentenFruit Huis also show that Dutch households brought in 10 to 15 percent more vegetables in the first eight months of this year.

The National Fruit and Vegetable Day takes place during the Dutch Food Week. A week where it’s all about nutrition. Are you participating today? And do you perhaps grab a mandarin or piece of cucumber for lunch? According to the NAGF, it is especially important in times of the corona virus to think about your dose of vitamins and minerals.

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National Fruit and Vegetable Day: Do you eat enough fruit and vegetables?