New Alzheimer’s drug approved in nearly twenty years

After almost 20 years, a new drug against Alzheimer’s is coming onto the market. FDA (the American drug watchdog) has accelerated the approval of the new drug for use. It’s about the means aducanumab.

The FDA indicates that patients with Alzheimer’s could benefit from it. It is seen as an “important” new treatment against this disease. However, there are still uncertainties associated with this new drug.

The company Biogen, what the means aducanumab made, announced in October 2019 that it was seeking approval. The medical world was enthusiastic. Many pharmaceutical companies had already given up on the search for a new drug to slow down Alzheimer’s.

Biogen itself had already given up the search until, after new analyses, the drug appeared to work. The use of aducanumab could have “some effectiveness”. This must be used in high doses and for a longer period of time. According to the FDA, the accumulation of certain proteins in the cranial nerves is reduced. This accumulation is the cause for developing Alzheimer’s.

New research on patients

Biogen will conduct research on behalf of the FDA into the effect of the drug in patients. FDA says, “If the drug doesn’t work as intended, then we can take steps to take it off the market.”