New Zealand bans TikTok on MPs’ work phones | Tech

New Zealand will ban TikTok on work phones and other devices that access the parliamentary network, a government official announced on Friday.

The ban will be introduced on March 31, for all parliamentarians. There are serious concerns about the security of the Chinese app.

According to critics, TikTok passes on sensitive information from users to the Chinese government. In addition, China could use TikTok’s secretive algorithms to spread disinformation on a large scale and influence the social debate.

Last year it was announced that two American journalists were being followed. Employees of TikTok parent company ByteDance were found to have access to IP addresses and other data. That should never have happened, TikTok said. The employees were fired.

Other countries have already banned the use of the app on business phones and other government employee devices. Similar measures have been taken in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Belgium and the European Union.

There is no official TikTok ban yet in the Netherlands, but it is being discussed. A majority of the House of Representatives thinks that the app should not be on the phones of government officials.


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