NOS Football podcast # 139: ‘Schmidt has escaped on all sides with insane happiness’

In the NOS Football Podcast, presenter Arno Vermeulen discusses the football week with commentators Jeroen Elshoff, Jeroen Grueter and Arman Avsaroglu.

The quartet talks about the choices of PSV coach Roger Schmidt. The German trainer let a large part of his best players start on the bench in the top match against Vitesse. “Schmidt escaped on all sides with unbelievable luck”, Vermeulen is harsh. After falling behind at half time, PSV eventually recorded a 3-1 victory in Eindhoven.

“Every now and then you have the feeling that you are being tricked”, Elshoff responds. “You would almost think that he is a tactical genius. Schmidt has a bit of an exceptional position. We also wonder again and again whether we should tackle him or not. That would have happened a long time ago with another trainer.”

Also attention for the disaster week of Feyenoord and the financial situation of the club, the battle at the bottom and the upcoming European week of PSV and Ajax.

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