Olympians in Tokyo monitored 24 hours a day by Japanese authorities

Both athletes and others involved are restricted in their freedom of movement. A recent negative test result must be presented upon arrival at Tokyo Airport.

All 11,000 athletes from 206 countries undergo a daily corona test. If an athlete tests positive, he or she will be removed from competition as a precaution. Athletes who finish must leave Japan within 48 hours of their match.

Ninety seconds

Journalists may only follow one sport per day, if notified in advance. At the end of the competitions, they only have ninety seconds per athlete for a conversation in the so-called ‘mixed zone’. In addition, media representatives are only allowed to move around Tokyo on official transport and are not allowed in public areas such as cafes and restaurants.

It was previously announced that foreign spectators are not welcome at the Summer Games. Whether the Japanese are allowed to take a seat in the stands will be determined at the end of June. The organizing committee drastically reduced the number of officials that are welcome a few weeks ago.

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