On this island, tourists receive money to spend their holidays

Get money to go on vacation? It really seems to be happening. Tourists who go on holiday to the island of Malta receive financial compensation for their stay.

Going on holiday spontaneously is somewhat difficult due to the travel ban. Currently traveling abroad is strongly discouraged. Traveling is only possible if necessary due to family or work-related matters. For months now, a ‘code orange’ has applied to almost all travel destinations. This means that a holiday here is not desired and only necessary trips can be made. Currently, travel restrictions apply until May 15, 2021.

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Tourists flock for vacation

But the island of Malta appears to be taking a different approach. The Malta Tourism Authority pays tourists in return for a visit. In cooperation with the hotels on the island they hope to stimulate tourism in this way. And that sounds pretty crazy in this day and age. There are a number of requirements for the ‘bonus’, but it seems that it will actually happen.

Tourists must stay on the island for a minimum of three days. The amount of money you receive depends on your stay. For example, guests in a five-star hotel receive an amount of two hundred euros per person. For a four-star hotel that is one hundred and fifty euros per person. And a visit to a three-star hotel earns a tourist 100 euros.

Book directly with hotel in Malta

If you stay on the island of Gozo you get an extra 10 percent extra. Tourists are also expected to book directly with the hotel in question. And not through umbrella holiday providers. Malta is expected to lift travel restrictions from June 1. The island hopes to receive about 35,000 tourists through this action.

Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea and has the same surface area as Texel. The country consists of an Archipelago of several islands, including Malta itself and Gozo. Malta was a colony of Great Britain and almost every inhabitant speaks English.

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On this island, tourists receive money to spend their holidays

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