Only miracle can protect Laren from degradation: ‘My heart is crying’

Chances are that today a tear will be shed by the hockey women of Laren, and the Larensche Mixed Hockey Club as a whole. For the illustrious club from the heart of Het Gooi, 32 years of top hockey in the premier league seems to be coming to an end.

Only a miracle can save Laren from relegation. The club must win the away match against title candidate Den Bosch (starting at 12.30 p.m.) and competitor HGC must not win against low flyer Oranje-Rood.

It seems an almost impossible scenario for the club on the Eemnesserweg, which was almost always a certainty in the play-offs for the national title until 2016.

Beautiful hall of fame

Laren’s hall of honor features many resounding names such as Kim Lammers, Naomi van As, Minke Smabers, Joyce Sombroek, Willemijn Bos, Wieke Dijkstra and Fleur van de Kieft.

Between 2008 and 2012 in particular, Laren proved to be an absolute hockey superpower with Lammers, Van As and Sombroek as the strongest axis of the team.

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