Orange women practice in the run-up to Games against Spain: ‘Top opponent’

In the run-up to the Olympic Games, two exhibition games are scheduled for the Orange Women next week, starting with the game in and against Spain next Friday. “We are going to play against a top opponent”, says Lieke Martens, player of FC Barcelona.

The 28-year-old Martens has been playing for the Spanish top club since 2017 and therefore knows many basic players of the Spanish national team. “Nine girls from my team are in the selection”, said the attackers, who nevertheless thinks that the Netherlands will have a tough time on Spain.

“They were a bit unlucky at the last World Cup, because they encountered America early in the tournament (Spain was eliminated in the eighth finals by the later world champion, ed.). But I do see them going to win prizes in the future. is one of the most technical football countries in the world. “

According to Martens, the Orange should especially watch out for Jennifer Hermoso, Spain’s all-time top scorer. “Every Spanish player is very technical, but Jenni is just a bit more technical than most. She is difficult to get off the ball and can easily score a goal in small spaces.”

Dynamic squad

Goaless Sari van Veenendaal also thinks it will not be an easy match for the Netherlands. “We know that Spain is a very dynamic team and has many qualities. You can also see that in Barcelona. That is a top team, but it is nice that we have their best player in our team with Lieke.”

After the exhibition game with Spain, the Orange travels back to the Netherlands. On Tuesday, April 13, the next exhibition game awaits, in Nijmegen against Australia.

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