Organizations are calling on Facebook not to make an Instagram app for kids | NOW

A group of welfare organizations called on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday to refrain from an Instagram app for children. Such an app would not be good for their mental health, according to the organizations.

Last month it became clear that parent company Facebook is considering releasing a version of Instagram for children under thirteen.

To use Instagram, people now have to be 13 or older by the platform’s rules. With a new version, younger children would still have access to Instagram, but in a safer environment.

The Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood (CCFC) foundation and 35 other organizations do not agree with this. They asked Zuckerberg in a letter not to make such an app.

According to the organizations, a children’s version of Instagram is bad for children’s mental health. Instagram is said to tap into children’s fear of missing out, making them want to constantly check their mobile devices or post photos.

The organizations are also concerned about the privacy of children. “Children are very vulnerable to the manipulative and exploitative functions of the platform,” writes the CCFC.

Facebook has not yet responded to the letter from the foundation.


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