Other Times stops on TV, starts looking for another form

The program, which has been around since 2000 and has attracted several hundred thousand viewers, has been presented by historian Astrid Sy since last year. She took over from Hans Goedkoop, who was the face of the program for 20 years. The presenter change coincided with a halving of the number of episodes, from 36 to 18 per year.

“This was a huge shock,” said Astrid Sy in this morning NOS Radio 1 News. “It is very bad and we are fighting to remain visible on TV as much as possible. A few specials a year is not enough to keep the brand going. Other times to maintain.”

She speaks of a program with a very loyal audience. “The episodes are often watched back and they are also used in education.”

Also less broadcasts Radar

Yesterday, the AD showed that programs that attract millions of TV viewers are also under pressure. So loses Radar coming season 14 of the 38 episodes, much to the dissatisfaction of presenter Antoinette Hertsenberg. “Will there still be room for good investigative journalism, the main task of the public broadcaster?”

She refers to the new MAX program Showcolade, according to the broadcaster “a lively game show for young and old that surprises viewers with craft and chocolate art”. Hertsenberg: “When journalism is under pressure, it is difficult to see that valuable airtime is going to a program where a panel of famous Dutch people are eating chocolate.”

The reason for the adjustments is the aging viewership, NPO 1 broadcaster Remco van Westerloo said in the newspaper. “You can leave the programming as it is, but then in ten years no one under 50 will be watching.”

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