Petition to name the corner after the deceased ‘queen of the Nürburgring’

Sabine Schmitz immortalized the circuit nicknamed ‘Green Hell’ thanks to her role as co-host of the TV show TopGear. She was also the first and only woman to ever win the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring twice. From the age of 17, she drove more than 20,000 laps on the illustrious circuit, including as a driver of the Ringtaxi.

In this Ringtaxi you can let yourself be chased around the circuit at top speed for a fee – an experience that can best be compared to a fairground attraction. That Sabine was also a really good driver can be seen in the video below, where she cuts through the field like a knife through butter with her Porsche GT3 R.

That petition was started by Dale Lomas of Bridge to Gantry, a site devoted entirely to the Nürburgring. There is a good chance that she will get her corner, because not all 170 corners on the Nürburgring circuit already have a name. You can put your signature here.

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