Play your vinyl records vibration-free in this unique Lexus

The Wax Edition is very exclusive: only one is made. The car brand tries to draw attention to the Lexus IS, which was thoroughly renewed last year. DJ and producer MC Madlib, artist and producer Kaytranada and music magazine Pitchfork were brought in for the promotion.

The two artists have released a song together that debuts in advertising for the Lexus IS Wax Edition. A record player is incorporated in the glove compartment that can play music on the go and, according to Lexus, without skipping the needle. The brand wants to use this to demonstrate how the car hardly vibrates while driving and offers ultimate suspension comfort.

The record player sends its sound into the interior via a 17-speaker audio system from Mark Levinson. You can play all types of vinyl records on the device. The special record player is made with a 3D printer from carbon fiber and has various aluminum parts.

A pick-up in a car is nothing new. At the end of the last century, in the heyday of the record player, it was already regularly used in cars. It didn’t work ideally then: the record often skipped. The music cassette changed that later on. Ultimately, the CD player, hard disk with music files and streaming audio, such as from Spotify, managed to conquer the car.

All specifications and prices of the Lexus IS can be found in the Autoweek database.

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