Quarantine obligation violation? Cabinet wants you to pay this amount

If it were up to the cabinet, violating the quarantine obligation by travelers from very high-risk areas will be heavily fined. Anyone who travels from such an area to the Netherlands and does not comply with the quarantine rules can soon receive a bill of 435 euros.

This is stated in a bill from the cabinet that was sent to the House of Representatives today. The amount is considerably higher than the fine of 95 euros that applies to most corona violations. According to the cabinet, the duty is necessary because travelers are currently not complying with the rules. The law must take effect “as soon as possible”.

Quarantine obligation

Travelers coming from a high-risk area must be quarantined for at least five days. After that, they can go outside again with proof of a negative corona test. Without such proof, they have to be quarantined for ten days. If people repeatedly fail to comply with the rules, a mayor can also impose a sanction; a so-called order subject to penalty.

The law also regulates what travelers must have with them when they come from a high-risk area. They must bring a statement with information about their trip and how to reach them. They must also bring a negative test certificate. The quarantine obligation only applies after traveling from countries with a “very” high risk. It is up to the RIVM to determine which countries are included in that group.

Prevent the spread of mutations

The large fine is a response to the emergence of dangerous mutations, such as the Brazilian variant. The Brazilian variant (P1) of the coronavirus, according to an estimate by the Outbreak Management Team (OMT), spreads almost half faster than the ‘classic’ version of the virus. With the strict quarantine obligation, the cabinet hopes to prevent such mutations from spreading.

The cabinet wants to introduce the new law as soon as possible, but that can only be done if the House of Representatives and the Senate agree. Yesterday it was announced that the cabinet is aiming for 15 May.

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Quarantine obligation violation? Cabinet wants you to pay this amount

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