Renting a student apartment in Edinburgh, knowing the law is a big help

“Off-campus rental apartment students, has a lot of benefits, so friend compared with study in student accommodation in Edinburgh dorms are more inclined to choose this way of accommodation. Even if the local rent of student apartment market rules is very perfect, want their own rights and interests is not hurt, still want to protect themselves. Good in a foreign land recommended for local law need more familiar with it.

To protect the Property protection (Property)
Before, the landlord should provide a list of houses, English called Inventory, including house inside and outside of all goods and equipment. If not provide tenants must check the room equipment is complete and whether can work normally. Suggested before, photograph, and there is proof of date of photo before, caused the dispute in the future when do to the evidence. Move out of time, must pay attention to clean and tidy. If not clean, the landlord will probably be so refused to refund part or all of the deposit. Suggestions can find professional cleaning company for a Move – outclean, including carpet cleaning. This cost is lower than the landlord fine, usually and clean the more clean and conform to the standard.

Tenancy Agreement (rented apartment contract)
In when signing a contract and the landlord, mainly to see every one, because once on a contract signed, it has the force of law, even if there are some not very reasonable terms in the contract. For example some housing intermediary contract clause complex and lengthy and some of the fees charged are hidden in some not obvious place, resulting in unnecessary losses. In addition when signing a contract, pay attention to look have to suspend the clause (break clause), in order to terminate the contract in the future. Preferably before the signing of the contract, read carefully and landlord unreasonable terms. And keep the contract after the signing of the contract, and records of all written communication with the landlord.

Above is all content of Edinburgh student accommodation, hope to be of help!

Edinburgh student accommodation, knowing the law help a lot”