Research: Cambridge Analytica did not interfere in Brexit referendum | NOW

British data company Cambridge Analytica, which was involved in a major Facebook scandal in 2018, has not intervened in the Brexit referendum in 2016, according to the British privacy watchdog ICO, which investigated the company for three years. BBC.

Cambridge Analytica came under fire in 2018 because the company was able to collect data from tens of millions of people via Facebook without asking their permission. The data company was accused, among other things, of having used the data in 2016 to influence the Brexit referendum, in which the British voted on a departure from the European Union.

However, the ICO found no evidence of this in its investigation. According to the privacy regulator, the company only conducted some investigations into the British Eurosceptic party UKIP in the early stages of Brexit.

In 2018, the ICO seized stuff from Cambridge Analytica. The investigation led to the closure of the company and director Alexander Nix is ​​no longer allowed to run companies for seven years. Facebook was also fined by the ICO: the company was fined 500,000 pounds (about 550,000 euros) for data abuse via apps.