Research into brain damage due to coronavirus: ‘Major consequences for the brain’

The Brain Foundation is going to fund a national study into brain damage caused by the corona virus. In the study, patients from the first corona wave are followed for a longer period and examined for possible brain damage.

The results of the study are used to provide appropriate treatments to future corona patients. The costs for the research, more than 325,000 euros, were raised through a crowdfunding campaign. The first results of this research are expected to be known by mid-2021, reports the Brain Foundation.

‘Big consequences’

“Corona has major consequences for the brain. Some patients have permanent cognitive complaints, such as reduced attention and concentration, problems with remembering and planning ”, says Merel Heimens Visser, director of the Brain Foundation. “Extreme fatigue also occurs in many people. It is no longer possible to work, keeping the family running takes too much energy and in some cases doing the shopping is all too tiring. ”

Brain damage

How often this occurs, why and how exactly this works in the brain is still unknown, according to Visser. “If we know who gets which complaints and why, we can better treat, limit or even prevent brain damage in corona patients.”

In April of this year, the Brain Foundation already called on doctors to be extra aware of the consequences of the corona virus for the brain, so that they can be tackled as quickly as possible.

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Research into brain damage due to coronavirus: ‘Major consequences for the brain’