Retailers refrain from appeal with a view to relaxation | NOW

Industry association INretail has decided against an appeal against the State to get the partial store closure off the table. A spokesperson said this to on Thursday when asked.

“Now that easing seems to be on the way, we have decided not to pursue the appeal.” The shopkeepers lost summary proceedings against the State in mid-March, they contested the closure of the shops.

Since the beginning of March, shops are allowed to receive customers by appointment, up to a maximum of fifty at a time, depending on the retail surface. According to INretail, that doesn’t work at all. “For large parts of the day there are no appointments at all and a fifth of the customers who make an appointment do not show up,” the spokesperson sums up.

In December last year, all non-essential stores had to close, initially completely. In February of this year, ordering and collection was allowed and since the beginning of March shopping by appointment. “Stores have been dealing with limited options for a long time,” says INretail. “Over the past month, more than 60 percent of retailers are still dealing with a loss of revenue.”

The shopkeepers are almost counting on being included in the easing, if they come. “That was specifically stated at the last press conference. That if there are easing, we will be there.” Before the closure at the end of last year, the retailers were already working with protocols. “We can dust them off again.”

This includes wearing mouth masks, walking directions in the store and a maximum number of customers. INretail: “Spontaneous shopping without restrictions and fun shopping, we are far from being there. But our hope is that we can get rid of shopping by appointment.”


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