RIVM sees top epidemic approaching, computer happily cuts third wave in half

For the first time in months, there are bright spots in the course of the corona epidemic in our country. The number of infections, but also the number of hospital admissions seems to be leveling off. The striking result: suddenly the dreaded ‘third wave’ in the forecasts has been halved.

So far, the models calculated that the corona outbreak was heading for a peak of somewhere between 360 and 3,000 IC patients at the end of this month. An enormous margin of uncertainty, but especially the top side was a cause for concern: after all, the ICs can only handle 1,700 IC patients.

But new calculations from the RIVM, in which de Volkskrant have had access, foresee at the end of this month at most 1,400 corona patients on the ICU, with a mean value of about 750 patients – exactly the number of IC patients on Tuesday.