Rob de Nijs on stage for the very last time, standing ovations from the audience

he concert was the end of his more than 60-year career. with the single The rhythm of the Rain De Nijs scored his first big hit in 1963. That same year he participated on behalf of the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest in the Belgian coastal town of Knokke.

After a less successful period, in which the singer and his band broke up and De Nijs had roles in the children’s series Oebele and Can you tell me the way to Hamelin, sir?he returned in 1973 with the hits Jan Klaassen the trumpeter and Hi Sister Ursula† Yet it takes until 1996 before De Nijs takes the number 1 position for the first time with scared heart

teen idol

“So much has happened in all those years,” says super fan Wil Luurs from Wageningen. She was at the farewell concert and was accompanied there by about a hundred other members of the De Nijs fan club. “Rob has developed from a teen idol to an all-round, perfectionist singer.”

Back in time: with this song De Nijs broke through in the 60s: