Rotterdam police pick up more than a hundred money mules in a few months | NOW

The police in Rotterdam report that they have arrested more than a hundred money mules in recent months. So far, a total of 27,000 euros has been reimbursed to victims.

A money mule is someone who has his or her account used to transfer or launder money from criminals to someone else. He is often approached by criminals via social media. They use money mules to stay out of sight of the police and the judiciary.

The police have held several action days in recent months. Of the more than a hundred people, 40 percent received a community service order of 58 hours on average, half of whom were subject to special conditions such as a duty to report, supervision or (debt) assistance.

Twenty percent of the suspects chose to take their case to court. In 10 percent of the cases, a case was suspended conditionally. The police did not report what happened to the other 30 percent of the suspects. These cases are likely still ongoing.

Criminals often deliberately seek out people who are more vulnerable, the police report. This concerns, for example, people who are in need of money or who have a mild intellectual disability. They are particularly susceptible to temptation and manipulation, and they do not always understand the consequences of their actions.

At the end of last year, more than eighteen hundred money mules were arrested in an international campaign, including several hundred Dutch people. In the Rotterdam region, more than two hundred people were involved at the time.