Samsung remains market leader in Dutch smartphone market according to research | NOW

Samsung was the market leader in the smartphone field in the Netherlands in the first three months of this year, according to research by Telecompaper. Apple is in second place, but has been gaining ground in recent times.

Of all Dutch people between the ages of sixteen and eighty, 43 percent say they have a Samsung phone. That equates to more than 5.6 million devices. The share of people with a Samsung smartphone has remained about the same between the first quarter of 2018 and the first three months of 2022.

Apple has a market share of 36 percent. About 4.7 million Dutch people have an iPhone. In 2018, 30 percent said they still have an iPhone.

More than one in three Samsung owners has a device from the more expensive Galaxy S series. Of all Samsung users, 15 percent have a recent model from that series. A Galaxy S model of four years or older is used by 12 percent of all Samsung owners, or more than 600,000 Dutch people. These devices are no longer supported by Samsung with software and security updates. It also appears that one in five Samsung owners uses a model from the Galaxy A5 series.

Since the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S22 at the beginning of this year, Samsung has offered five years of security upgrades and four years of operating system updates for its more expensive devices. Until recently, that was three years in both cases.

Apple currently still supports all models released since 2015, meaning 94 percent of all iPhones in use in the Netherlands are still supported by the company. Eight percent of iPhone owners own the latest iPhone 13 series and half use a model that is at least four years old.

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