Soon, Spotify smartphone app will also show what friends are listening to | NOW

Spotify is working on a new feature for app users that will allow them to see what music their friends are currently listening to. The function is still in a test phase, tell Spotify TechCrunch

Spotify for desktops has long included the Activity of Friends option. In that overview you can see which songs and playlists friends are currently listening to. For friends who are not active at that moment, the last listened song can be seen.

Spotify’s smartphone app doesn’t have that feature yet, but it’s being worked on. The music service is developing an option called Community.

It will probably be a separate page in the app. At the top is a horizontal row with playlists that have recently been updated. Below that appears a list of friends and the songs they listen to.

It is not yet known when the feature will be added to Spotify. In 2019, on the forum of the music service, it was already asked for Activity of friends for smartphones. Then Spotify said the idea had landed on the list for later. “We have no immediate plans to get started on this,” said the company, which has since changed its mind.

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