Spanish comedian ‘El Risitas’, famous for meme with hysterical laugh, passed away

Juan Joya Borja, a Spanish comedian who achieved worldwide internet fame through an interview in which he recounts an anecdote with a hysterical laugh, has passed away at the age of 65. The nickname comedian El Risitas (the giggle) had been in a hospital in Seville since September, where a leg was cut off due to cardiovascular disease.

In 2015, Joya became a phenomenon because of a 2002 interview on Spanish television. An Egyptian channel pasted its own made-up subtitles under a clip to ridicule President Sisi. That fragment went viral. The British newspaper The Guardian described his laugh as that of “a dolphin smoking a pack a day”.

Similar to the similar meme with a clip from the movie Der Untergang in which Adolf Hitler rages against his generals, all kinds of makers pasted their own subtitles under the story of Joya. That grew into the Spanish Laughing Guy Meme.

In the most famous adaptation, Joya laughs his few teeth at the Macbook Pro that Apple presented in 2015, without USB ports.

Watch that video below:

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