Stengs wants to earn the European Championship selection himself: ‘Not because I go with De Boers daughter’

Since his debut at the end of 2016, Stengs has been seen as a talent of the outside category, but this season he faced criticism from the outside world for the first time.

“On the one hand it is a nice compliment. It means that they are busy with me and want to see me excel, but at the moment it is of course annoying. I take the things that have truth in them and try to work on them. . “

“It has nothing to do with age. I am the one who has been in the selection the longest, so it is logical that people think: take the team a little more in tow.”

De Boer as national coach and father-in-law

Stengs hopes to extend his season by playing in the European Championship selection of national coach Frank de Boer. From the outside he may seem like a certainty; Not only is the seven-time international a regular face at Orange, he also regularly sits at the kitchen table with the national coach. Stengs has a relationship with De Boer’s daughter.

“I don’t know if I’m sure of my spot,” the attacker responds soberly. “It’s different from other players, of course, but I want to earn it myself and not need him to make it.”

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