Supervisor: Customer better informed when purchasing smart device | NOW

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) sees that the retail chains, Coolblue and MediaMarkt inform their customers better about software updates before purchasing smart devices. A year ago, the regulator found that this was not done sufficiently.

At the end of 2019, ACM investigated to what extent online stores offered information about software updates for smart devices. This not only concerns telephones and tablets, but also smart thermostats and speakers, for example.

The inventory showed that customers were insufficiently informed by, Coolblue and MediaMarkt before purchasing. ACM has approached them about this. According to the regulator, it is important that people are well informed before purchasing, “because smart devices become unsafe and sometimes even unusable without updates”.

The web shops have now improved, ACM concludes. The regulator considers it important that people are informed about software updates in a timely manner, for example how often the updates will be and how long the devices will be supported.

ACM calls the expansion and improvement of information by the companies “a step in the right direction that other parties must also take”. Another company is still under investigation.