Tanning salons have to wait even longer for green light for their UV lamps

Dark clouds have been hanging over the solar studio industry for the past four months and they will linger for a while. The judge today did not rule in favor of the industry, which had instituted summary proceedings against the State.

The trade association was able to read it this morning on the website of the District Court of The Hague: the doors must remain closed for the time being. The summary proceedings have therefore not turned out in their favor. The government was allowed to choose to keep that sector closed when it relaxed some corona measures at the end of February, the judge ruled.

Tanning salon: ‘Sector arbitrariness’

It feels like ‘sector arbitrariness’, the industry responds. “Apparently, the government may completely arbitrarily and without good arguments to lock an entire industry.” Chairman Huib van Heest of the industry association of tanning studios SVZ does not agree with the verdict. “If you look at health risks, you can only conclude that tanning salons operate more corona safe than, for example, nail salons and hairdressing and massage salons.”

But yes, tanning studios do not fall under ‘contact profession’ and must therefore remain closed. Or as the court puts it: “Choices have to be made.”

In the meantime, (temporary) solutions are being shared on social media:

Solar studio industry does not fall under a contact profession

It feels very contradictory for the industry. Contact professions may be open, but a professional group that does not make contact with the client is not allowed to do so. “Our own supporters and also our clients, who have been missing the sunlight for so long, are asking us for an explanation of the government measure. We cannot give that and the government itself is not succeeding. Very disappointing that the judge is allowing this to pass. ”

The fact that it is (relatively) safe to work in tanning salons does not mean that opening should therefore be initiated, the judge ruled today. “In any case, opening up the solar sector will lead to more contact moments and more travel movements and thus to the risk of more infections and a further spread of the virus.”

Sunbathing is important

SVZ will continue its efforts to bring about opening as soon as possible, the chairman concludes, “Responsible tanning is very important now: it is increasingly recognized that sunlight can have a positive effect on our immune system.”

By appointment and in accordance with the corona protocol, the consumer can use the tanning bed responsibly in all respects, he says. Reference is also made to other countries. “The studios have been open for some time in Belgium, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Estonia and various federal states of Germany. That is also possible in the Netherlands. ”

The industry cannot wait for the green light for their UV lamps.

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Tanning salons have to wait even longer for green light for their UV lamps

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