Tax authorities will manually check 400,000 old tax decisions | NOW

With the help of an external party, the Tax and Customs Administration will search and assess 400,000 old tax decisions. Initially, this is done manually, State Secretary Hans Vijlbrief (Tax and Customs Administration) reports to the Lower House on Friday.

These are requests for payment arrangements for people who had a tax debt.

Vijlbrief reported to the House of Representatives last week that the Tax and Customs Administration has also stamped people too easily with the income tax, as in the benefits affair, for years. With the slightest suspicion of fraud, they ended up in a special registration system, without even knowing it.

People with such a note were assumed to be “not in good faith” “without review of the content”. They did not receive a payment arrangement for a tax or benefit debt of 10,000 euros or more. Vijlbrief calls this state of affairs “unacceptable”.

Process not yet to be automated

The State Secretary wants to find out who has been treated in this way and how many people are involved, all the more because the House may want to compensate victims of this method. According to Vijlbrief, no way has yet been found to automatically make a selection of the citizens whose request has been “rejected in an unacceptable way”. “Although we are still working on it, we don’t want to wait for it,” says Vijlbrief.

That is why the tax authorities initially search manually. This is expected to last until the end of June. There is a search for rejected requests for debt restructuring, and it concerns a debt of at least 10,000 euros. In addition, it is checked whether people have been placed in the special registration system, and whether they are accused of serious negligence or tampering with the tax or benefit forms.


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