Tech platforms compete for users’ ears

Spotify released its own version of Clubhouse last week: green room. An important advantage that the audio service has over the rest is that listening is the core purpose of the app. Other apps have yet to convince users of that. Anyone who also records a conversation in Greenroom (available as a separate app), can then also make it available as a podcast via Spotify.

Stay relevant Relevant

All of this makes it clear that audio, despite the fact that the storytelling form has been around for a long time in the form of radio, has captured the interest of the major tech platforms. They are always looking for new ways to stay relevant. This involves a lot of experimentation. The question is whether everything will be equally successful.

Podcasts have now seriously established themselves, but the question is how popular live audio will remain. Clubhouse, which started the hype, was only available for iPhones for months. After a rapid advance at the beginning of this year, the number of new installations on iOS has fallen sharply, according to figures from market researcher Sensor Tower. This says nothing about the actual use, but it is an indication of the interest. Since May, there is also an Android variant, which is still growing.

Number of Clubhouse downloads on iOS and Android (the app has been available on Android since May, but still invite-only):

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