Tesla owner who also likes electric Ford with death threats

The threats began when one Jace Craft-Miller picked up his new Mustang Mach-E First Edition. The 29-year-old sales project manager from Ohio wrote on Twitter: “There are all Tesla fanboys who are contacting me and saying how much they hate the Mach-E.” Rodriguez replied, “I’ve received death threats when I wrote about how much fun I get from Mach-E.”

The fiery debate between Ford and Tesla owners, according to the Detroit Free Press, reflects the intensity surrounding a growing electric car market still dominated by Tesla, according to the Detroit Free Press. CEO Elon Musk is widely regarded as an innovative leader who has completely overturned public opinion about these vehicles.

Rodriguez said he was particularly alarmed by comments made on Tesla Owners Worldwide’s private Facebook page, which has some 87,500 members. A member posted Rodriguez’s favorable Mach-E reviews to the site, unleashing a torrent of negative responses. One of them was, “I hope the car loses control and crashes.” Or: ‘that car will burn when you drive it,’ ”said Rodriguez. He also said he received a private message with the message: ‘I know what your Tesla looks like. When I see the car … ‘

According to Rodriguez, 65 percent of the comments were negative. “It was suggested that I was paid by Ford et cetera.” According to veteran analyst John McElroy, host of the US program Autoline After Hours some Tesla owners are avid supporters of the brand and Elon Musk. “In their eyes they are on a messianic mission to save the planet. Anyone who is not for them is against them. ”

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