Tesla suspension breaks in man who drives 200 km / h

The Swiss was driving his Tesla Model S 90D at a speed of 200 km / h from Stuttgart to Zurich when he heard a very loud bang on the Autobahn while braking. He said he saw a huge cloud of smoke in his rear view mirrors and the car became unmanageable. The car also suddenly leaked brake fluid. The man reported the incident on a German site for Tesla fans.

The Swiss was able to stop his car without any problems and was not injured. He was shocked by the clouds of smoke because he thought his car was on fire. In reality, the smoke was caused by his tire rubbing against the inside of the wheel arch. The Swiss was very surprised when it turned out that this was caused by the lower wishbone of his Tesla had broken off.

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The man had his car towed by the local roadside assistance and went to get a story at Tesla. The American company refused to cover the damage under the warranty, because it expired in April of this year. According to Tesla, the incident could be classified as ‘normal wear and tear’. The man did not accept that, as his car had only driven 50,000 miles. The damage amounted to just over 7,000 euros.

According to the American site InsideEVs, there has been an increasing number of complaints recently regarding Tesla’s suspension. Other Tesla drivers also responded by reporting similar incidents. Problems are not only reported with regard to the Model S: the Tesla Model 3 and Model S would also regularly show suspension problems.

The degraded wishbones indicate design or manufacturing defects, according to InsideEVs, which can only be remedied by replacing these components. The website calls on people with similar problems to report, so that an inventory can be made of the extent of the problems. Tesla is refraining from official comment for the time being.