Test to give space station a push has been canceled after five seconds | NOW

A test to push the ISS space station up a bit with the help of an American cargo capsule has stopped after five seconds, space agency NASA reports. The reason the experiment was canceled early has not been disclosed.

The Northrop Grumman company’s Cygnus thruster was supposed to operate for five minutes and a second. But the test was called off after just five seconds. At NASA it is unknown where it went wrong and the cause is being investigated.

The ISS flies into low Earth orbit. Because of the resistance in the atmosphere, it sinks about 100 meters towards our planet every day. That’s why the station needs a little push every now and then to keep it in the right orbit.

NASA wants to see if Northrop Grumman’s cargo pod can help reposition the ISS. The test is not necessary, as a docked Russian freighter can also keep the space station in orbit.

A new date has been set to give the Cygnus capsule a second chance to test. Another test will be conducted on June 25. Three days later, the capsule will be disconnected from the ISS. Then it burns up in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Cygnus was used to bring supplies to the ISS. After the crew members of the ISS emptied the capsule, it was filled with waste.