The 2 most important tips to get rid of sciatica

Sciatica is nerve pain in the buttock area that can radiate to the legs. Sciatica can cause annoying complaints that can hinder you considerably.

Have you been suffering from sciatica for more than 6 weeks? The sciatica has then become chronic. Check out the tips below to get rid of both regular sciatica and chronic sciatica.

Tip 1: You can do exercises to reduce the symptoms of sciatica.

An exercise to relax the muscles and nerves is to sit on your hands and knees and keep your back ‘hollow’ and ‘convex’. You may know this exercise from yoga, then it is called the cat/cow exercises. In addition, the exercise ‘the squat’ can help.

This not only helps to relax the muscles and nerves, but also strengthens the muscles in the legs. The ‘dead lift’ exercise has the same effect, but mainly on the lower back muscles.

Tip 2: Make sure stress and emotions are under control

If you suffer from chronic sciatica, there are other ways to manage the pain. Chronic sciatica is in the vast majority of cases caused by a cause that you might not immediately expect.

Chronic sciatica, which lasts longer than 6 weeks, is in many cases caused by mental stress. These tensions can be caused by stress, worry, worrying about problems and not expressing emotions.

Since your mental health has such a major influence on the symptoms you can experience with sciatica, it is important to get started with this. Towards a pain-free life, without constantly trying pain-relieving treatments.

A physical complaint such as sciatica, therefore, in many cases has an underlying psychological cause. Addressing that cause can provide much more than just pain relief.

BreinMedicijn uses a treatment method that ensures that you learn to deal with stress, pressure and worries in the right way. This will allow the self-healing ability of your body to do its job and your sciatica can disappear permanently.

Chronic sciatica is therefore curable, even if it has been causing pain for months and has not helped so far.