The biggest alcohol break in the Netherlands is about to begin

‘The biggest alcohol break in the Netherlands’ starts on Friday – January 1 – for the seventh time. The intention is that participants in IkPas, as the campaign is called, will not drink alcoholic drinks for the entire month of January. Vegans keep their own month against eating animals.

The IkPas campaign is organized by the GGDs and ten addiction institutions in the Netherlands. The same campaign is known abroad under the name Dry January.

Habitual drinkers and the alcohol break

Drinking alcohol is habitual behavior according to the organizations. For many people, it is normal to have one or two glasses of alcoholic beverage every day. By stopping this for 30 days, those habit drinkers become aware of the physical effect of daily drinking, the organizations say. IkPas is repeated from Ash Wednesday to Easter. That is in 2021 from February 17 to March 29. Among Catholics, that time is known as the fast period.

Many municipalities post tweets to participate in the campaign, such as Woensdrecht.

Research has shown that 62 percent of IkPas participants feel physically fitter. 55 percent sleep better and 32 percent lose weight. Six months after IkPas, participants drank an average of 1.1 days less alcohol per week. Those who participate in IkPas receive all kinds of tips and advice to keep going.

Previously ‘dranquilo’

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport supports IkPas. Earlier this month, the ministry started with ‘dranquilo’, its own campaign for conscious alcohol consumption. According to the ministry, drinking alcohol causes health risks. People should be aware of that.

No alcohol break but VeganChallenge

The new year is also the perfect time for the Dutch Veganism Association (NVV) to start a challenge. From 1 January, the club is organizing the VeganChallenge, where the participants eat vegan food for at least a month, so none were made from animals or that involved animals from the side in the production, for example by adding gelatin. Those who register will receive daily newsletters for thirty days, including recipes, information about veganism and tips. A group will be set up on Facebook for the participants, who can support each other if necessary and exchange experiences and ideas.

“Together we can drastically reduce the number of animals bred, locked up, exploited and prematurely killed,” says the NVV. For example, the true vegan does not use leather, down or wool and products that have been tested on animals.

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The largest alcohol break in the Netherlands is about to begin

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