The Commodities Authority advises to no longer use melamime plastic

Do not use crockery that contains melamine plastic with bamboo or corn fibers. Such as coffee cups, trays and baby crockery. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) advises this on Monday. Chances are there is too much of the substance formaldehyde gets into your food or drink.

Nowadays many plastic dishes have been replaced by bamboo or corn fiber dishes. The plastic melamine is also used in many of these dishes. When this plastic comes into contact with heat, the toxins can be released. This can lead to stomach irritation and ulcers. Through this advice, NVWA has such products removed from the store.

A letter to parliament has also been written by Minister Tamara van Ark (Medical Care), recommending that the bamboo melamine service should no longer be used. In addition to the NVWA, the Risk Assessment & Research Bureau (BuRo) also recommends that bamboo melamine should no longer be used.

Importers and suppliers of these products are required by the NVWA to withdraw these products from the market immediately. Any further sale will be penalized.

Consumers should stop using these products

Both the NVWA and the nutrition center inform the consumer that it is better not to use these products. When consumers stop using these products, the health risks also disappear immediately, according to Van Ark.

Melamine plastic is not suitable for babies or small children

The tableware with only melamine plastic is not recommended by the nutrition center for hot food and drinks for children up to three years. Currently the European standard for melamine is not protective for children according to BuRo. Minister van Ark has put this topic on the agenda in Brussels.

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