These causes of burnout have nothing to do with work

Burnout literally means burned out. A stressful job is often identified as the culprit for burnout complaints, while there can also be other causes.

By being aware of these other possible causes, you reduce the chance of a burnout for yourself. With this information in mind, hopefully you can spot the signs and seek help in time.

Causes of a burnout, independent of your work

These causes of burnout are true silent killers. So try to be there on time.

1. Marriage

A recent study of heterosexual married couples found that a bad marriage is a common cause of burnout. This is a relationship in which multiple discussions are held, so that the relationship is structurally difficult.

One way to avoid this is to reconnect with your partner. This can be done by scheduling more (or less) time together. If the familiar rut is in the relationship, your agendas may no longer align. Scheduling dates can change this.

2. Perfectionism

There is also perfectionism in areas other than work. As human beings we have many balls to keep up: the household, the garden, the children, a relationship, sports and exercise, but also accounting, circle of friends, a healthy diet and our hobbies. If you are a perfectionist, you will recognize that you want to excel in all areas. Good is not good enough for you, you want to do everything perfectly.

Continuously putting this pressure on yourself will drain your internal battery. Once your bucket overflows, it’s already too late. If you recognize extreme perfectionism in yourself, see if you can do something about it preventively. It may help to talk about it, with or without a therapist.

3. Parenting

It seems to be a taboo to talk about it, but parenthood can also lead to burnout for some parents. Raising a child is not an easy task. You get a lot in return, but you also have to give up a lot. According to the American Psychological Association shows that more and more burnouts are linked to parenthood. This has to do with the current pandemic. We work at home, the children are more at home than at school, and that brings a lot of stress.

How do you recognize this form of burnout? The first step is overwhelming fatigue. This can be both physical and mental, and depends on the age of the child. In addition, the parent may notice that it is necessary to distance himself from the child.

4. Unhealthy Lifestyle

The influence of your lifestyle on your mood is great. You will feel more energetic and comfortable when you follow a healthy diet. Of course it also works the other way around. If you only eat foods with a high caloric value, in which there are no nutrients to be found, your energy level will drop.

It is also possible to burn out from an unhealthy lifestyle. At that moment you put so much stress on your body that your body gives up. This can happen with a combination of unhealthy diet, little sleep, too much coffee, regular use of alcohol or drugs, drinking too little water and skipping meals.

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These causes of burnout have nothing to do with work