This formula shows how much water you should drink per day

It is getting warmer and warmer in the Netherlands. So drink enough water. Because that’s healthy. Guest blogger Bas van Beest, healthy lifestyle coach and entrepreneur behind Slim Living, explains why hydration is so important and how much you should ingest per day.

We all know that water is one of our most important necessities. In fact, without H2O you can only survive a few days. That is of course very extreme, but there are plenty of people who drink too little. Why is drinking enough water so important for your body? And what is the link with weight loss?

Our body consists largely of water. In particular, our muscles (65-75 percent) and our blood are responsible for this. Because of this, water in our body plays an important role. Firstly, water ensures that the waste products in your body are removed. It also greatly boosts your metabolism.

Lose weight, gain weight and your brain

In a healthy person, the metabolism can even increase by up to 30 percent by drinking more and in a better way. Perfect for people who want to lose weight. You will soon notice this difference. Water also has a lot of influence on the functioning of your brain. This makes sense when you consider that about 80 percent of the brain is made up of fluids. Your reaction speed is therefore much better if you are well hydrated. Last but not least, drinking water prevents fatigue and headaches. Besides that you can ensure that you get out of your afternoon dip with one glass, this same glass can also ensure that you are more alert. So essential for work. Even a little bit of dehydration can make it difficult for you to focus.

Of course, water contains no calories, so you don’t have to worry that your fat percentage will increase. But your body weight could increase a bit. Because this extra weight is eventually completely removed, this will always be temporary.

How much water should I drink per day?

You can calculate a guideline for the amount of water that we advise you to drink with the formula of Charles Poliquin. He is a renowned and world-renowned fitness trainer and recommends sticking to this formula:

Your body weight x 0.44 divided by 10 liters of water.

Example: I weigh 80 kilos, so 80 x 0.44 : 10 = 3.5 liters per day.


  • Make sure you have a large water bottle of, for example, one liter and fill it three times a day, so that you keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Start the day with 3 glasses. This ensures a very good start to your day.
  • Put a water reminder in your phone to remind yourself.
  • I personally always get a little tired of water after drinking it all day. Throw in some fruit, cucumber, or herbs like mint to make it more interesting.
  • Working on losing weight? Drink one or two glasses before eating. This makes you feel full faster, eat less and lose weight more easily.

So, how much water have you drunk today? Cheers!

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This formula shows how much water you should drink per day

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