This happens when you hit a stationary bus at 208 km / h

The video is in Bulgarian, but the images speak for themselves. The real action starts after about eighteen minutes. You can see how a second-generation Opel Omega is sent to a stationary bus at 200 kilometers per hour using a remote control.

On the long runway, the car eventually reaches a speed of 208 kilometers per hour before crashing into the side of the city bus. The massive blow and the havoc are captured by a drone and multiple cameras.

The damage to the Opel is enormous. The front of the car is completely squashed. Actually, the trunk is the only part of the car that is still recognizable. Obviously, no one would get out alive, not even people in the backseat. So be careful with speeding, the youtubers warn their viewers (more than 530,000 so far).

The video from the Bulgarian YouTube channel is not entirely representative. More modern cars have much better crash resistance and the Opel rams the rear wheel of the bus, the strongest part of the construction. What lingers in any case is that the impact at 200 kilometers per hour is terrifying. Good to realize if you plan to hit the accelerator in Germany for example.

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