This is how you determine the correct height of your rollator

Your world can shrink as you get older, after an accident or if you suffer from a chronic illness. By means of a walker you can keep your world as large as possible. A rollator not only gives you more physical security, but also strengthens you mentally to go out and move more often. It is important that you adjust your rollator correctly. How do you do that? You read it here!

The base

It is very important to ensure correct body posture. If you walk structurally wrong due to an incorrectly adjusted rollator, it can cause all kinds of nasty physical complaints. Adjusting a rollator is therefore quite close. It is best not to do this alone, but with someone else who can check that you are in the right position. You do the adjustment as follows:

  • Stand upright, as close to the rollator as possible;
  • Let the arms hang down relaxed;
  • Adjust the handles at the height of the wrists;
  • Place both handles at the same height;
  • When you grab the handles, the arms are slightly bent;
  • Has the correct height been determined? Then remember this, so that you can easily set the correct height again at a later time.

The details

Handles set too low

Make sure you don’t adjust your rollator too low. Are the handles of your rollator too low? Then you walk with a (too) bent back and also too far away from the rollator. In this way, it provides no, or at least not the necessary, support and significantly increases the risk of falling.

Handles set too high

More often, rollators are set too high. Usually based on the idea: the higher, the safer. However, handles that are set too high are extremely uncomfortable, it takes more force to support and can also cause neck complaints. If the adjustment is too high, the elbows are strongly bent or stretched, so that you automatically raise your shoulders and put unnecessary strain on your neck muscles.