This is what happens when you pour windshield fluid into the wrong filler opening

The owner or owner of a Mini discovered this when he or she accidentally poured windshield washer fluid into the engine oil filler opening. This does not have to be a problem if you immediately discover your mistake – for example because when you close the cap you see that it has the word ‘OIL’ on it.

But in this case it went according to TopGear about five liters and a running engine. Soon the chemical components of the windshield washer fluid and oil melted together into a kind of paste, which immediately penetrated all corners of the engine and exhaust system. The result was a smoking engine, which was immediately in need of a major overhaul.

The chance is relatively small, but if you accidentally pour windshield washer fluid into the oil, the engine is not ready yet. That is, as long as your engine does not start. Towing to a garage is necessary. There they can drain the oil so that it doesn’t get a chance to mix and form this emulsion.

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