This open car will probably bring in 8 million, here’s why

This Cobra Super Snake was one of the most remarkable cars ever built by the Shelby American company. It is one of only two extra strong Cobras produced. The car originally belonged to Carroll Shelby himself and now the rare roadster is for sale at auction house Barrett-Jackson.

The car has been auctioned twice before. When the model was auctioned in 2015, it brought in 5.1 million dollars. Eight years earlier, that was even 5.5 million dollars. but that was also because the sports car was then sold under the watchful eye of Carroll Shelby himself. The already not measly V8 is equipped with two superchargers, making the car about 800 hp strong.

In 1970, Shelby sold the car to famed songwriter Jimmy Webb for $ 10,500. The second Super Snake was built for the comedian Bill Cosby, who mostly remembers how difficult the car was to drive. Cosby sold the car to a California dealer. In 1969 this copy was sold on to a man named Tony Maxey. He died driving the car off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean.

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