Three million TV viewers saw formation debate

Yesterday, more than three million people watched the debate about the failed formation reconnaissance for at least five minutes on NPO television. Yesterday afternoon an average of 773,000 people watched NPO 1 and after that there were an average of 695,000 viewers on NPO 2. This is evident from figures from the KijkOnderzoek Foundation.

At the peak (6:50 pm), 964,000 people watched and on average someone watched for 19 minutes. 53 percent of the viewers were male, says viewing rating analyst Robin Muurling. “And it was a fairly gray audience: 78 percent of the viewers were over 50 and 53 percent were over 65.”

Last night the broadcasts on NPO 2 stopped and people could switch to the theme channel NPO Politics. Later NPO 1 picked up the debates again and then most viewers were counted just before 1 a.m.: 392,000.

The debate could also be followed on RTL Z; between 8.30 pm and 2 am an average of 417,000 people watched there. As a result, the broadcaster achieved a night market share of 7.4 percent, which is the highest score ever for the commercial TV channel.

We have summarized the highlights of the debate for you in this video:

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