Three new entries to the NS Audience Award

Astrid Holleeder was previously nominated in 2017 with Judas and in 2018 with Diary of a witness. In Family secrets she writes about life, before, during and especially after the trial of her brother Willem Holleeder.

Herman Finkers had already been nominated in 1997 with Ich bin ein Almeloër! and in 1998 with The girl with the ovaries. This time he’s on the list with The course ‘Dealing with disappointments’ will again be canceled, a book full of one-liners, wisdom and poetry by the comedian.

Geert Mak won the prize (which was then called the Trouw Public Prize) in 2000 with The century of my father and in 2004 with In Europe. The book Great expectations is the sequel to that and picks up again in 1999, true In Europe finished.


From tonight, you can vote on these books for a month or on a book of your choice via The book that the readers vote for the most wins. The winner will be announced on the talk show M. on NPO 1.

The NS Audience Award consists of the honorary title Book of the Year 2020, a sculpture by Jeroen Henneman, an amount of 7,500 euros and free first class travel by train for a year. Voters also have a chance to win a year of free trains and a year of free books.

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