Ticketmaster fined $ 10 million for logging in to competitor | NOW

Ticketmaster has to pay 10 million dollars (about 8.13 million euros) to Songkick, because the company repeatedly logged in without permission on computer systems of the competitor. That reports the US Department of Justice.

Ticketmaster employees used stolen passwords to log in to the Songkick concert service. In this way, “company information was collected illegally”, the ministry writes. This way of working was also promoted at a meeting for Ticketmaster employees.

The stolen passwords came from a former Songkick employee. They were used to get to the so-called ‘Artist Toolbox’. In that system, live information is displayed on how the pre-sale of tickets for certain artists is progressing.

Ticketmaster also had access to a schematic overview of every artist who sold concert tickets through Songkick. Ticketmaster was then able to contact the artists concerned to persuade them to sell their tickets through Ticketmaster, writes the Ministry of Justice.

Ticketmaster leaves in a response The Verge know that affected employees have been fired after the practices came to light. “This is against our rules, we are happy that the case is now closed.”


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